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Interview Article:

Startup Life: An Extraordinary Path for the Brave at Heart. POSTDOCket 2017 June issue.

Pioneering Postdoc Support: The Icahn Postdoc Executive Committee. POSTDOCket 2017 May issue.

AWIS LA/VC Newsletter:

In charge of the chapter newsletter since 2017 January.

Scientific Journal Publications:

Recombinant Murine Gamma Herpesvirus 68 Carrying KSHV G Protein-Coupled Receptor Induces Angiogenic Lesions in Mice. Junjie Zhang*, Lining Zhu*, Xiaolu Lu, Emily R. Feldman, Lisa R. Keyes, Yi Wang, Hui Fan, Hao Feng, Zanxian Xia, Jiya Sun, Taijiao Jiang, Shou-jiang  Gao, Scott A. Tibbetts, Pinghui Feng. Plos Pathogen. 2015. 11(6): e1005001. *Equal Contribution.

We provided a first-in-kind mouse model to investigate viral oncogenesis induced by human gammaherpesvirus in the context of viral infection. We developed a recombinant herpesvirus that carries the Kaposi’s sarcoma herpesvirus (KSHV) G protein-coupled receptor. Within 6 months, mice infected with this recombinant herpesvirus developed angiogenic lesions that recapitulated human Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Dissecting Innate Immune Signaling in Viral Evasion of Cytokine Production. Junjie Zhang, Lining Zhu, Pinghui Feng.  J. Vis. Exp. (85), e51078, doi:10.3791/51078 (2014).

This is a video journal illustrating how we assessed the antiviral cytokine production both in vivo and ex vivo, using herpesvirus infection mouse model. Step-by-step experimental procedures are shown in the video.

IKK epsilon kinase is crucial for viral G protein-coupled receptor tumorigenesis. Yi Wang*, Xiaolu Lu*, Lining Zhu*, Yan Shen, Shylet Chengedza, Hao Feng, Laiyee Wang, Jae U. Jung, J. Silvio Gutkind, Pinghui Feng. PNAS. 2013. 110(27): 11139–11144. *Equal Contribution.

Using KSHV GPCR-induced tumor models, we identified IKKε as a key molecule linking kGPCR to NF-κB activation. These observations support the notion that kGPCR nourishes chronic NF-κB activation. Thus, the kGPCR-induced tumorigenesis pathway was made clear.

An IL-12/Shh-C domain fusion protein-based IL-12 autocrine loop for sustained natural killer cell activation. Lining Zhu, Zhihui Zhao, Yanzhang Wei, William Marcotte, Thomas E. Wagner, Xianzhong Yu. Int J Oncol. 2012.41(2):661-9.

The dependency of activated natural killer (NK) cells on the continuous support of exogenous interleukin (IL)-2 is a major obstacle for NK cell-mediated tumor therapy. We established an NK cell self-supporting autocrine system by anchoring IL-12 onto the primary NK cell membrane. This strategy prolonged the survival time of mice bearing melanoma metastases.

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